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Crawley Woodlands Preserve

Billington Sea
Billington Sea
Billington Sea
Billington Sea

The Crawley Woodlands Preserve is approximately 70 acres in area, located off Billington Street. The Preserve is situated between two excellent fishing ponds: Lout Pond and Billington Sea.

The majority of the Preserve is comprised of steep rolling hills peaking in the center of the Preserve and descending to the two ponds. In addition to the steep topography, glacial erratics can be found throughout the area.

The main trail that will take you throughout the Preserve will take you over these steep hills and can be strenuous to traverse when damp or frozen. However, where the trail concludes at Billington Sea an excellent view of the pond with a sitting area can be found. Lout Pond Road, a fire road that runs through the preserve and exits onto private property at the northern and southern edges, and Branch’s Point Road which runs along the northern boundary of the preserve are both privately owned. We ask that you please respect the rights of the property owners and do not walk down these roads at the boundaries of the Preserve. Check the Website for a Trail Map.


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Crawley Woodlands Preserve, 331 Billington St, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA