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Eel River Preserve & Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area

Eel River Preserve Plymouth MA
Russell Mill Pond Plymouth MA
Eel River Preserve Plymouth MA
Russell Mill Pond Plymouth MA

The Eel River Preserve is the product of a joint effort of numerous local, state, and federal agencies. One and a half (1.5) miles of the Eel River stream channel and 40 acres of cranberry bogs were restored to their native status. 17,000 Atlantic White Cedar trees were planted which will, upon maturity, make the Preserve the largest Atlantic White Cedar swamp in the state.

A flat 2 mile trail walks the perimeter of the Preserve, beginning at the trailhead located at the corner of Long Pond Road and Boot Pond Road. An additional small trail loop extends into the woods at the southern end of the Preserve with great topography through old growth forest.
The Preserve also extends across Long Pond Road, following the route of the Eel River. Here, the Preserve enters wooded upland.

A major feature of the restoration project can be seen at this part of the property as an old dam was removed and a beautiful pedestrian footbridge installed in its place. This bridge provides incredible views of the restored river, as well as opportunities to view wildlife ranging from white-tailed deer, to red-tailed hawks.

This bridge also connects the Eel River Preserve to the Russel Mill Pond Preserve which provides miles of additional walking trails. The Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area, is a 68 acre area along the east side of Russell Mill Pond. The Preserve abuts the Eel River Preserve and miles of trails wander through upland woods and along the coast of Russell Mill Pond.

Length: 2.5 miles of trails
Surface: Dirt, Bog Road, 1 Concrete Bridge
Size of Eel River Preserve: 40 acres
Size of Russell Mill Pond Conservation Area: 68 acres


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