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Heritage Museums & Gardens Group Visits

Open daily from 10AM – 5 PM -beginning April 22, 2023. Heritage Museums & Gardens celebrates American culture and inspires people of all ages to explore, discover and learn together. Located on Cape Cod, Heritage is the largest public garden in southern New England, with more than 100 acres of gardens and nature trails. Heritage also has three gallery buildings that display antique cars, American folk art, a vintage carousel and special featured exhibitions. Join us and take advantage of all that Heritage has to offer, from the Celebration of the American Automobile to Let’s Play! New England Toy Stories.

A Traditional Wampanoag Dwelling:  The Wampanoag have lived in what is now southeastern Massachusetts—including the land that is now known as Cape Cod—for more than 12,000 years. They were the first tribe encountered by the Pilgrims when they landed in Patuxet (what is now Plymouth) in 1620. This outdoor exhibition features a reproduction of a wetu, a Wampanoag seasonal house used during the warmer months and usually built near the coast where summer resources are abundant. It is constructed of cedar saplings and covered with either bark or cattail reeds, all readily available materials.

Groups of 10 or more people $15.00 per person; • Guided tours are available for an additional charge; • Total visit time recommended 1.5 to 2.0 hours; • Complimentary driver and escort admission; • Safe, convenient passenger drop-off and pick-up directly at the admissions area as well as bus parking.

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Additional Information
Touring Time: 2 hrs. recommended
Activity Offered for Split Group: Customized itineraries available
Presentation: Group sales staff greets groups upon arrival
Self Guided or Guided: Both available
Wheelchair Access: Yes-Transport is available for mobility challenged visitors
Group Leader Free: Yes
Driver Free: Yes


67 Grove Street, Sandwich, MA 02563