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Heritage Museums & Gardens

Heritage Museums & Gardens offers 100 spectacular acres of trees and shrubs, designed gardens, exquisite flowers and sweeping lawns. The gardens are a delight any time of year. Spring features showy Dexter Rhododendrons and flowering trees. Opening April 22 for the 2023 season.

Creating Cape Cod (April 22, 2023 – October 15, 2023) – How did Cape Cod move from the “Yankee backwater” that Henry David Thoreau described in 1855 to a destination that more than 5 million people visit each year? This story is revealed in Creating Cape Cod. Learn more about this Exhibit Here.

A Traditional Wampanoag Dwelling: The Wampanoag have lived in what is now southeastern Massachusetts—including the land that is now known as Cape Cod—for more than 12,000 years. They were the first tribe encountered by the Pilgrims when they landed in Patuxet (what is now Plymouth) in 1620. This outdoor exhibition features a reproduction of a wetu, a Wampanoag seasonal house used during the warmer months and usually built near the coast where summer resources are abundant. It is constructed of cedar saplings and covered with either bark or cattail reeds, all readily available materials. Learn more about the Wampanoags Here.

The gardens are ablaze with color in July with both perennials and annuals. The daylily garden is a feast for the senses with over 800 daylilies in nearly every possible color, and towards the end of the month our hydrangeas also begin to bloom.

Many of our flowers reach their peak in August, including our Hydrangea Display Garden and North American Test Garden. There are abundant flowers everywhere!

Autumn highlights blazing foliage and the fall-blooming Franklinia. Winter showcases beautiful heathers, bright berries and noble evergreen. Heritage Museum annually curates landmark exhibitions drawn from the collection and from other institutions. In addition, we regularly host exhibitions from leading national museums on themes that expand on our understanding of history, technology, art and society.

American Art & Carousel Gallery – Featuring the 1908 Charles Looff Carousel – The carousel is one of the most popular attractions at Heritage Museums & Gardens. Made by Charles Looff in 1908, the  hand-carved carousel has been thrilling riders for over a hundred years. Enjoy unlimited rides with admission.

J.K.Lilly III Automobile Gallery – A showcase that extends from the beginning of the automobile age and into the 21st century. Heritage also offers many excellent garden-related workshops, lectures and activities throughout the year. For more information on workshops, lectures and activities, visit the Website.


67 Grove Street, Sandwich, MA 02563