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Jenney Interpretive Centre

Jenney Interpretive Centre
Jenney Interpretive Centre Plymouth MA
Jenney Interpretive Centre
Jenney Interpretive Centre Plymouth MA

Closed for the Winter – Interpretive Centre/Gift Shop – Call or email for information.
An Interpretive Centre – an Institution for Dissemination of Knowledge of Natural or Cultural Heritage. The Jenney is dedicated to conveying the impact 51 Pilgrims have had on the founding and ongoing development of the United States and to the importance of passing the history of our country from generation to generation.

Leo Martin, historian, author, and storyteller, is the Director of Education at The Jenney. He has been giving educational tours in Plymouth since 2001. He is best known for his knowledge about the Pilgrims and other facts about the founding of our country. His love of God and country and his passion for history are what give him the ability to engage listeners and bring history to life. Leo has been called “the last God-fearing guide in historic Plymouth, MA.” While so many others are taking God out of the history books, Leo maintains that the Pilgrims and Founding Fathers established “one nation under God,” founded on Judeo-Christian values. He is a champion of our nation’s founding principles displayed in the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth. His book, “Pilgrim Pursuit of Happiness” talks about the five liberties the Pilgrims were searching for when they left the Church of England and came to the New World and is the subject of one of the exhibits at The Jenney.

Check Calendar on the Website for updates or call for reservations.
10am – Discover Plymouth’s History – A Walking Tour
12pm – National Monument to the Forefathers Tour

Can’t Walk? Don’t Like to Walk? Weather is Bad? For those who can’t walk or don’t want to walk we have an indoor one hour Power Point presentation given by our guide in period costume. See the sites and hear the stories from the comfort of a chair inside one of our exhibit rooms. Call for reservations.

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