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Novel 103 Pilgrims by Rick Pontz

Novel 103 Pilgrims

Mystery writer, first time author, and former 25-year resident of Plymouth, Rick Pontz has just released his new book, 103 Pilgrims, a fictional mystery with a touch of Plymouth history. What  secrets  do  400-year-old  bones  hold? In Plymouth Massachusetts, Home of the Rock, someone is digging up the Pilgrims. There's a rumor that it has something to do with the Mayflower Compact-but no one knows because the original Compact doesn't exist. Or does it? Whoever discovers the secret the Pilgrims left behind, they would become rich, famous and enjoy the life of one of todays' celebrities.

Join unlicensed, unbonded, un-insured and unpopular private "advisor," Tony Tempesta, his on-again, off-again permanent lady friend, Susan Phoenix, and his bulwark protector, Mike Kennedy who carries his own secrets as they reach back through history to the year 1620 for clues to solve crimes and mysteries of 2020. Rick Pontz's novel 103 Pilgrims is perfect timing for Americas' 400-year anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. The blend of the historic past with todays' events exposes the commonality of the inner lives and mysteries of people across time and place spanning more than twelve generat ions. Whether you like historical fiction or just a good mystery novel, Rick Pontz's 103 Pilgrims combines historic and modern events. A perfect read for anyone who likes historic reality mixed with a fictional mystery set in both 1620 and 2020.

Official Review: 103 Pilgrims by Rick Pontz - Post by Kansas City Teacher » 07 Apr 2020 (This paragraph is at the end of this review) Please click here for the full review:
"As a good book will do, 103 Pilgrims encouraged me to further research the Pilgrims after finishing the book, and seriously consider booking a trip to Massachusetts. Were there really 103 Pilgrims? Where is the original Mayflower Compact today? Can ancestry to the Pilgrims be proven? I was left with so many questions after reading this book, and the same is destined to happen to all readers who pick up this engaging and thought-provoking narrative."


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