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Old Oaken Bucket Homestead

Old Oaken Bucket House Scituate MA

Poet Samuel Woodworth’s poem “The Old Oaken Bucket” made The Old Oaken Bucket Homestead and Well on of the most popular local attractions in the late 1800s. His poem, a lament for the lost days of his youth, has been described as one of the most beautiful works in the English language, and was translated into more than eight other languages around the world. Samuel Woodworth was born in Scituate in 1784, and lost his mother when just twelve years old. His father married Betsy Northey and went to live on the farm on the road now called The Old Oaken Bucket Rd. As a boy Samuel helped his father farm and often, hot and thirsty, drank from the well. Afterward he became a publisher in New York and in 1817 wrote the poem which has since become famous the world over.

In 1935 the citizens of Scituate voted “The Old Oaken Bucket” as the town’s official song. The Old Oaken Bucket House is currently undergoing a restoration process. Early in 2002, volunteers painted and wallpapered the first floor of the house. While the restoration continues, the house will be used for special one day events, such as art shows and other exhibitions and more. A master landscape plan is also being developed, which will include walking trails on the property west of the house. The property was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1995 and renovated in 2005. The mill and the pond were made famous in 1817 by Samuel Woodworth in his poem “The Old Oaken Bucket.”


47 Old Oaken Bucket Road, Scituate, MA 02066