The Paragon Park Carousel & Museum - 205 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA


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The Paragon Park Carousel & Museum

Paragon Park
Paragon Park
Paragon Park carousel
Paragon Park carousel
Paragon Park
Paragon Park
Paragon Park carousel
Paragon Park carousel

The Paragon Carousel has been operating along the shores of beautiful Nantasket Beach for 90 years. Built in 1928 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, it boasts four rows of 66 intricately carved horses and two rare Roman chariots. It is decorated with 35 original paintings, 36 cherubs and 18 goddesses who look down while a Wurlitzer Band Organ fills the air with music. The Paragon Carousel is the last remaining attraction from the beloved Paragon Park amusement park on Nantasket Beach that closed in 1985. Enjoy a ride with a new found appreciation for the beauty of the horses and the story of their place in Paragon Park’s history. Listen to the Wurlitzer Band Organ fill the air with music as you whirl round and round, like generations of kids of all ages have before.

The Paragon Park Museum is located in The Clock Tower Building, a Nantasket Beach landmark. The Paragon Park Museum provides a history of the park’s 1905 founding and its evolution from a Victorian era “exposition” to a late 20th century amusement park. Listen to modern recordings of songs about a trip to Paragon Park written in the early 1900s. Marvel at a scale model of the Giant Coaster and watch a “rider’s view” video (complete with screams!) of a front car trip on the classic wooden coaster (hands up!). See an original Kooky Kastle cart and the scale from George Kasian’s “Guess Your Weight” shack. Paragon Park clothing and merchandise are available for purchase along with copies of “PTC Carousels: The History of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels” and other carousel books and memorabilia in the Museum Gift Shop corner.

Finish your visit with a dish of Ice Cream (with free jimmies!) from the Carousel Creamery snack bar. A perfect ending to another day in paradise at the shore!

HOURS: Open Saturdays and Sundays through October 30, 2022, 11am-4pm
Due to a private event, the Paragon Carousel will be open from 12pm – 4pm on Saturday October 22.

SUMMER – Open six days a week during the summer (closed Tuesdays).
Sundays: 11am-9pm (9:30pm for Creamery)
Mondays: 11am-9pm (9:30pm for Creamery)
Tuesdays: CLOSED
Wednesdays: 11am-9pm (9:30pm for Creamery)
Thursdays: 11am-9pm (9:30pm for Creamery)
Fridays: 11am-10pm (10:30pm for Creamery)
Saturdays: 11am-10pm (10:30pm for Creamery)

GROUPS: Scouts, Schools, Seniors, Camps and Clubs – Looking for a unique venue for your next outing? The Paragon Carousel provides a backdrop of beauty, fun and history for your event. Check Here for more information.

Touring Time: Varies Presentation: History of carousel, tour of museum.


205 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA