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War Memorial Park – West Bridgewater

War Memorial Park Wests Bridgewater

One of the most important historic sites in West Bridgewater, MA, War Memorial Park commemorates the Town’s industrial heritage. It is regarded as the country’s first “industrial park” where shovels, nails, and other farming tools were produced in the late 18th century. During the Industrial Era, there were up to 13 different water-powered mills located at this site. Weirs and dams along the Town River were used by the mills and factories in this area are still intact.

This memorial is set up like a wall. Three decorative metal wall sections held up by stone pillars, all on a stone base. The center section has a dedication at the top as well as the names of the locals who served in the first World War.

The park is located south of the town center, bounded by River Street, Arch Street and the Town River.


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52 River Street, West Bridgewater, MA, USA