A Guide for Spending Spring in Fall River


March 23, 2023

Spring in Fall River, Massachusetts is a very quiet time. Tourists have come and gone, and everything is slowly waking back up as the weather gets warmer. It’s common to see locals strolling the streets and parks, getting back outside, tending to gardens, and creating an overall peaceful atmosphere to enter into. If you’re not interested in the crowds but still want to visit all the bucket list places, springtime is the perfect time to walk around and immerse yourself in the culture.

Portuguese Cuisine

Fall River is home to a very large Portuguese community. During the 19th century when the textile industry was booming, many Portuguese immigrants found their way to Fall River in search of work and found it in the factories. Since then, their communities have grown exponentially, and now, not only are they a big part of the area’s culture, but also the cuisine.

Caldeiras Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Portuguese dishes, Caldeiras Restaurant will give you everything you’re looking for. Focusing on seasonal harvests and cooking with fresh ingredients, Caldeiras earned its reputation as a local favorite restaurant. In addition to the dishes that celebrate the native Portuguese homeland, they also offer a robust wine menu.

Amaral’s Bakery

If you’re looking to up your carb intake, Amaral’s Bakery is the place to go. Highly respected by locals both in and outside the Portuguese community, it’s one of the longest standing Portuguese bakeries in the area. What started out as selling sweetbread out of a garage turned into a local storefront in 1963. Now, it is a renowned name throughout the Northeast with an expansive menu

Portugalia Marketplace

Portugalia Marketplace, a brick and mortar store, occupies the site of what was once a textile mill. It’s the biggest Portuguese market in the area, and in addition to traditional Portuguese groceries, they also have a variety of native wines, a fresh sandwich shop, coffeeshop, Portuguese handicrafts, and a freezer room with the finest cod money can buy.A Guide for Spending Spring in Fall River Secret

Freetown-Fall River State Forest

If you’re looking to enjoy the warmer weather by getting outside and exploring, consider visiting the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. Being both a great avenue for exercise as well as learning about history, the forest is a great place to spend the afternoon.

Sitting on 5,000 acres of publicly owned land, the forest has 25 miles of trails for hiking, biking, walking, horseback riding or dirt biking. There are also athletic fields, pavilions, grilling sites and so much more in the forest that you can use to make a whole day out of this adventure.

Additionally, there is a Wampanoag reservation nestled among the trees where you can observe Profile Rock; a 50 foot granite outcropping believed to represent the image of a past Chief. From its peak you can see the outline of the southern coast of Massachusetts. 

Lafayette-Durfee House

The Lafayette-Durfee House is the only standing colonial house in Fall River that has opened its doors to the public. Previously the home of Colonel Joseph Durfee who led the Fall River Militia, and who was often visited by Marquis de Lafayette, the home is nicknamed “Fall River’s link to the American Revolution.”

You will get the chance to see 18th century clothing, furniture, weapons such as muskets, medical equipment, and ordinary household items from the time period. Though the house has been physically uprooted and moved, the interior remains frozen in 1750. Every room has been meticulously restored and you feel as though you are traveling back through centuries. 

Take the time this spring to visit Fall River. Indulge in the history, culture, and cuisine and be able to enjoy all of that without the summer crowds.