Author Rick Pontz has released a new novel entitled 103 Pilgrims

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July 14, 2020










Author Rick Pontz has released a new novel entitled 103 Pilgrims, a story based on unsolved mysteries from the Pilgrims who founded America. 103 Pilgrims is the first in his series of mystery and thriller novels.

103 Pilgrims is an excellent novel choice for anyone who wants to join in todays’ 400-year celebration of the founding of America. The storyline mixes fact and fiction while blending an historical past with current events. Readers will discover how the decisions of our ancestors affect our lives today while solving riveting mysteries.

The series of novels takes place in the Plymouth and Cape Cod area of Massachusetts, a region that is full of history.  This years’ historical 400-year anniversary event has already attracted a lot of attention, news, and media coverage to this area and to the Dutch city of Leiden, where the Pilgrims originally departed.

Pontz creatively devises a thrilling mystery around these fascinating factual places and events in 103 Pilgrims. The novel is based in Plymouth and Cape Cod in 2020, but uses clues left behind by the Pilgrims of 1620 to solve the mystery.

Pontz says, “Who’s digging up the Pilgrims, and why?” He adds, “103 Pilgrims, though a mystery novel set in 2020 Plymouth, also reaches back to 1620 for clues the Pilgrims left behind to help solve the puzzle. It is a perfect read during this year’s celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims 400 years ago.”

103 Pilgrims was published in March 2020 and is just the first novel by Rick Pontz. Pontz will release a sequel in the series in early 2021 titled Blood on the Rock. For more information about 103 Pilgrims and to stay updated on the release of Blood on the Rock, please visit www.103pilgrims.com or www.plymouthmysteries.com.

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