Best Places to Go on a Spring Day in Westport


March 2, 2023

Westport, Massachusetts is a quaint little town on the South Shore that doesn’t quite fit in with its neighbors. When visiting Westport, it doesn’t feel like you are less than 30 miles from Providence, RI but instead as though you have been transported to the Cape. With an adorable coastal vibe, it’s a very easy-going town with plenty of places to visit during the spring. 

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

One of the most widely known places in Westport is Horseneck Beach. Though relatively popular, visitors of the reservation can usually be boiled down to locals, UMass Dartmouth students, and families from neighboring communities. 

Even during the summer it never gets too crowded, and parking is always plentiful. If you are looking for a very lowkey waterfront getaway, Horseneck Beach should be the first place on your itinerary.

With a variety of activities you can participate in at and around the reservation, it is unlike any other beach in Massachusetts. Aside from traditional beach activities, Horseneck Beach offers tenting and RV sites, a boat ramp, picnic areas, playgrounds, showers, dishwashing stations, sport courts and so much more! Enjoy a beautiful day by the water at one of Massachusetts prettiest beaches.

Gooseberry Island

Gooseberry Island is an extension of Horseneck Beach and is wildly loved by visitors. Uniquely positioned in the mouth of Buzzards Bay, the island is accessible by causeway and stretches only one mile off the coast. 

The island has rugged shores all year round, a boat ramp, walking trails, and limited sandy beaches, but what draws people to it so much are the stunning views of the bay. One side of the island is a mile long rocky shoreline that visitors often use for various photoshoots, but it’s not recommended to swim near that area.

Spend a few hours at Gooseberry Island enjoying the views and the hundreds of species of wildlife and birds that are spotted each day.

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery is a 400 acre working farm, fourth-generation owned and operated. The Russel family has conducted extensive research over the years that uses the cool coastal climate to their soil to their advantage to grow the most vibrant and flavorful Vinifera grapes. 

The Russell’s family grounds are so much more than just a winery and a vineyard. When visiting, you will be met with a full-day excursion bursting with flavor and surprises around each corner. 

The Vineyard

Book a group or solo tasting Monday-Saturday! Enjoy trying lovely wine made on-site while taking in the beautiful views of the vineyard grounds. You can sip and relax on the lawn or talk a walk under beautiful arches intertwined with grape vines.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of making wine, book a private tour for you and your party!

Wild Bean Flower Farm

The Russell family has also entered the flower business and operates Wild Bean Flower Farm year-round. From merchandise to private events, they create the most beautiful assortments of fresh grown flowers from their garden.

Farmer’s Feast Food Truck

There is nothing more delicious than a light snack from the Farmer’s Feast Food Truck while sipping on wine. From salads, to flatbreads, paninis and more, farm staff make and operate the food truck that will satisfy even your most intense craving.

Speaking of food, when you inevitably make it back home with your new bottle of wine, pair it with an authentic New England seafood dinner, your tastebuds will thank you and you’ll be itching for seconds.