Best Places to Spend Winter in Fall River


January 17, 2023

Don’t let the cold weather scare you away from exploring Fall River, Massachusetts. Throw on a jacket, some gloves, and a hat because it’s time to explore! Fall River isn’t a large city but there is still so much to see and do. Whether you’re looking for historical sites, family-friendly excursions, or some great places to grab food, Fall River is full of surprises.

Battleship Cove

Battleship Cove is a maritime museum renowned for its impressive collection of historic naval vessels and aircraft. The centerpiece is the USS Massachusetts, a World War II battleship. The museum also houses other ships, including the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., and submarine USS Lionfish. Aside from ships, America’s Fleet Museum also has two Vietnam War helicopters and two of the first unmanned aerial vehicles used by the military.

The museum is committed to education through exploration, so you will be able to enter and walk about each vessel, tour the deck, interior compartments, and gun turrets of the battleship, gaining insights into the life and operations of sailors during wartime.

Through immersive experiences, guided tours, and interactive exhibits, the museum showcases the evolution of naval technology and insights into naval history. Battleship Cove stands as a living tribute to the maritime heritage of the United States, allowing visitors to explore significant military history.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum was founded in 1968. It started out as a nautical museum with a focus on representing the history of naval items such as the Fall River Line and RMS Titanic

The main gallery exhibition is entitled “Sails, Paddles & Screws: The History of Maritime Travel and Culture.” Visitors are encouraged to interact with the history displayed throughout each exhibit. The museum showcases the evolution of maritime history from whaling to technological advances, to the Titanic, warships and more. 

Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River

The Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River is a space that is fully committed to promoting education in a way that inspires kids to learn and strengthens social and family connections. Through a variety of interactive exhibits, children get to establish individual creativity with problem solving, play, and activities that nurture overall cognitive development. 

Exhibits at the museum are plentiful with twelve different rooms to visit! There are both outdoor and indoor options available, whatever you and your little ones prefer. There are themed rooms such as lego and music rooms, rooms that tend to certain interests like dinosaurs, others that take sensory needs into consideration like the water room, and so much more!

Plan a day of play and learning with your kiddos for only $10 Wednesday-Sunday!

Breweries Galore

If you are looking to spend your winter vacation sipping on cold brews, come on over to Fall River. Not only are they plentiful in the city, but their products are absolutely delicious.

Troy City Brewing is a little hole-in-the-wall place that is pretty easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there. A small space with a very lowkey interior and 10 different brews on tap for you to try out! 

Canned Heat Craft Beer Company is essentially a huge brewing warehouse. With 11 brews on tap and 35 of their own creations for sale, they are considered quite the industry leader in Fall River.  

Don’t let the New England winter scare you and take a trip to Fall River! Whether you are traveling solo, with friends or family, you will surely return home having found your new favorite vacation spot!