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Maritime museum whale skeleton

Maritime Museums of Massachusetts’ South Shore

Massachusetts’s south shore has a long and noble maritime history, which is shown by its abundance of incredible maritime museums. If the history of shipbuilding, whaling, and Massachusetts’ relationship with the sea intrigues you, these museums need to be on your list. Battleship Cove If you love battleships, you need to visit Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. Open seven...

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The Best Springtime Activities in New Bedford

What better way to spend a springtime vacation than in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Enjoy waterfront views, locally sourced seafood, and a variety of activities to kick off the warm weather. Just over 50 miles south of Boston, this South Shore gem is a must-visit for your Massachusetts adventures. New Bedford Whaling Museum New Bedford’s whaling industry played a crucial role...

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Fuller Craft Museum

Explore the Arts and Culture of Plymouth and Bristol County

Both Plymouth and Bristol County are full of arts and culture. Whether it’s whaling, contemporary crafts, or live theater, you’re in for a treat. When visiting the South Shore this spring, you’re in for more than a vacation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the creative and cultural side of the area and come away with lasting memories. Both Plymouth...

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South Shore Irish Heritage Trail

Explore the South Shore Irish Heritage Trail

Beginning in the 17th century, Irish immigrants began settling in towns along the southern coast of Massachusetts. Today around 40% of their descendants still live in these towns. The South Shore Irish Heritage Trail takes its influence from the Boston Irish Heritage Trail and the Wild Atlantic Trail in Ireland, and it runs through nine beautiful towns starting in Weymouth...

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Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Plymouth

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to start planning for the big day! Plymouth, MA has so much to offer for your wedding, from the stunning views to the venue options, and spectacular caterers. Whether you’re imagining a beachfront celebration, a quaint garden elopement or a big function hall party, here is all you need to know to plan your...

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New Bedford Whaling Museum

Top 3 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Bristol County

Bristol County is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts. With a fascinating past, visitors can learn about the area’s maritime heritage, textile industry boom, and the whaling era. Whether it’s colonial history, industrial revolutions, or maritime adventures, Bristol County has a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages to discover and appreciate the culture and history of the area....

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Best Places to Spend Winter in Fall River

Don’t let the cold weather scare you away from exploring Fall River, Massachusetts. Throw on a jacket, some gloves, and a hat because it’s time to explore! Fall River isn’t a large city but there is still so much to see and do. Whether you’re looking for historical sites, family-friendly excursions, or some great places to grab food, Fall River...

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Plan a Kid’s Winter Birthday on the South Shore

Planning a birthday party for a child with a winter birthday can be quite challenging. The weather is often unpleasant or unpredictable, making outdoor activities like a park day or a pool party impractical.  Additionally, it can be tough to come up with indoor activities that require minimal cleanup and don’t break the bank. Fortunately, planning a memorable winter birthday...

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A Guide for Spending February Break in Plymouth

February Break is tough to plan. You’re just getting out of the holiday season, the weather isn’t the greatest, and now you have to entertain your kids 24/7 for the next week. It’s a lot, but it’s more than doable when you have planned activities!  In Plymouth, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all our visitors, and that...

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Plymouth Placeholder

3 Best Attractions in New Bedford During the Winter

As the chilly winter season sets over New Bedford, Massachusetts, all the crowds begin to trickle out of the South Shore. What most folks don’t know is that though summer might be the traditional tourist season, winter months in southern Massachusetts offer a special kind of magic in this historic coastal town.  Like something out of a Hallmark movie, New...

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Photo of entrance to Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA

Top 5 Family-Friendly Places in Bristol County

Family vacations are so much more than framed pictures on the wall. You are given the chance to enjoy quality time with loved ones, make memories, visit new places and create new traditions. One of your family’s new traditions can be visiting Bristol County every year! This beautiful area in southern Massachusetts has so much to offer, especially for families....

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Top Places to Visit in Norwell During This Off-Season

Norwell, Massachusetts is a truly beautiful destination to visit. The town’s historical significance and proximity to the North River add to its year-round appeal. With plenty of opportunities for scenic walks and recreational activities, Norwell is the epitome of a classic New England town. If you’re planning a vacation for the quieter off-season, here are some seasonal activities to plan...

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Visiting New Bedford in the Fall

If you’re looking for the perfect fall getaway, New Bedford, Massachusetts should be number one on your list. Whether you’re looking to stroll down the waterfront, explore historic landmarks, indulge in the New England culinary scene, or enjoy some outdoor time with your family, you will find what you’re looking for in New Bedford.  Buttonwood Park Zoo  Calling all animal...

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Thanksgiving at Plimoth Patuxet

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Plimoth Patuxet

Plimoth Patuxet stands as a living testament to American history. The renowned living museum transports visitors back in time to the early 17th century, recreating the world of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. With meticulous attention to detail, it offers an authentic and immersive experience that allows guests to step into the shoes of those who laid the foundations of...

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Hingham Fall Forest

The Ultimate Guide for Fall in Hingham

You simply can’t beat the weather, views, or activities during fall in Hingham, Massachusetts. Enjoy the exquisite array of food, and the beautiful walking trails in Hingham this autumn. World’s End World’s End is a 400+ acre peninsula that has been preserved by locals for over 50 years offering visitors and the community a serene escape in nature. It is...

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Plymouth Patuxet Museum

Top Historical Sites to Visit While in Plymouth

Plimoth Patuxet Museums Experience history in real time at the Plimoth Patuxet Museums. Home to a re-creation of a 17th-Century English Village, Plimoth Grist Mill and other major exhibitions, the Plymouth Patuxet Museums offer a wide array of activities and learning opportunities for visitors. Explore the Patuxet Homesite where Indigenous Americans lived for over 12,000 years. Did you know over...

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