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Pilgrim Pups

Gift Ideas from Local Plymouth Businesses

Say you’re visiting Plymouth, MA for a fun and relaxing getaway. Suddenly, you remember something – a loved one’s birthday is coming up! And you still need to get them a present! There’s no need to panic. Plymouth is filled with local businesses and shops that have tons of great gift ideas for anyone you have to shop for. Gift...

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Plymouth girls night

Celebrate Galentine’s Day on the South Shore

Galentine’s Day, which is the fictional holiday celebrated in the hit TV series Parks & Recreation, has become an observed global holiday in the real world. It’s a day that celebrates women’s friendship. While it’s typically marked as February 13th, it can be observed any day between February 1st and Valentine’s Day. Really, there’s no date that isn’t great for...

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3 Daughters Jewelry Apparel & Giftsl

Spend A Day Out with Your Daughter in Plymouth

The bond between a mother and daughter is often special, and deserves to grow even as the little girl grows up. Whether you’re a mother looking to create new memories with her growing daughter, connect with a teen, or keep in touch with a busy adult, Plymouth is full of spas, shopping, and dining perfect for a day out together....

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Sprezzatura Boutique

The Perfect Shopping Spree in Downtown Plymouth

Spring is the time for reinventing yourself and trying out new styles. That’s why it’s time to plan the perfect shopping spree in downtown Plymouth! With the incredible shops and boutiques in town, you’ll come away with a fabulous new outfit that will make you look and feel incredible. Sprezzatura Boutique At Sprezzatura Boutique, effortless elegance is always within reach....

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Holiday Shopping Guide for Plymouth, MA

Your loved ones deserve something special, something unique this holiday season, and on that note, so do you! Follow our holiday shopping guide to discover some of the most unexpected shops to buy gifts in Plymouth this season! Plimoth Patuxet When shopping for a history enthusiast who seeks unique gifts, Plimoth Patuxet Visitor Center Shops hold a treasure trove of...

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Fresh Cranberries from Plymouth

Cranberries hold a special place in the heart of Massachusetts. They are not only the state fruit, but also the state color, and the state juice – we love our cranberries here. Dating back hundreds of years, the Wampanoag and other indigenous tribes first utilized the berry, and for more than one purpose. They used them for food, flavor, medicine...

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