Town of Plymouth & Plymouth County - Shoulder Season

Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra

Catch the Best Holiday Events in Plymouth County

There is nothing more magical than spending the holiday season on the coast of Massachusetts. Plymouth County is conveniently located by the ocean, and the combination of waterfront views, snowy landscapes, and holiday cheer is unparalleled. If you happen to find yourself on the Massachusetts South Shore between November and January, be sure to attend these can’t-miss community holiday events...

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The Best Springtime Activities in New Bedford

What better way to spend a springtime vacation than in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Enjoy waterfront views, locally sourced seafood, and a variety of activities to kick off the warm weather. Just over 50 miles south of Boston, this South Shore gem is a must-visit for your Massachusetts adventures. New Bedford Whaling Museum New Bedford’s whaling industry played a crucial role...

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Manomet Incorporated

Outdoor Fun on the South Shore this Spring

Spring is the time to get outdoors and get active. Walking around in the sunshine and breathing in fresh air is a sure way to shake off those winter blahs. The South Shore happens to have an abundance of outdoor fun that is perfect for spring.  Plymouth’s Walking and Hiking Trails Currently, 28% of Plymouth County’s 65,000 acres is designated...

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Sprezzatura Boutique

The Perfect Shopping Spree in Downtown Plymouth

Spring is the time for reinventing yourself and trying out new styles. That’s why it’s time to plan the perfect shopping spree in downtown Plymouth! With the incredible shops and boutiques in town, you’ll come away with a fabulous new outfit that will make you look and feel incredible. Sprezzatura Boutique At Sprezzatura Boutique, effortless elegance is always within reach....

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Fuller Craft Museum

Explore the Arts and Culture of Plymouth and Bristol County

Both Plymouth and Bristol County are full of arts and culture. Whether it’s whaling, contemporary crafts, or live theater, you’re in for a treat. When visiting the South Shore this spring, you’re in for more than a vacation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the creative and cultural side of the area and come away with lasting memories. Both Plymouth...

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building of Mirbeau hotel

Stay at the Best Waterfront Hotels on the South Shore

When planning a visit to the South Shore, the most important thing is to book a fabulous place to stay. And no matter the time of year, who wouldn’t want a beautiful ocean view from your window? That’s why you should check out the best waterfront hotels on the South Shore. Inn at Scituate Harbor In need of New England...

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A Guide for Spending Spring in Fall River

Spring in Fall River, Massachusetts is a very quiet time. Tourists have come and gone, and everything is slowly waking back up as the weather gets warmer. It’s common to see locals strolling the streets and parks, getting back outside, tending to gardens, and creating an overall peaceful atmosphere to enter into. If you’re not interested in the crowds but...

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Plymouth Public Library

Plan A Pet Friendly Vacation in Plymouth County

One of the most important parts of a vacation is making sure the whole family has fun. For some people, “family” includes the dog. With all of the unconditional love our pets provide us, they deserve a getaway, too. Instead of boarding your dog or calling on a pet sitter, plan a pet-friendly vacation in Plymouth County. Pet-Friendly Accommodations Step...

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Battleship Cove Ship

Spend a 21+ Night in Plymouth, MA

When on vacation with the family, sometimes the big kids need a few activities of their own to indulge in. For folks 21 and over, here are a few of the best places to hang out, have a couple of drinks and enjoy top notch local cuisine right in the heart of downtown Plymouth. Main St. Sports Bar and Grill...

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South Shore Irish Heritage Trail

Explore the South Shore Irish Heritage Trail

Beginning in the 17th century, Irish immigrants began settling in towns along the southern coast of Massachusetts. Today around 40% of their descendants still live in these towns. The South Shore Irish Heritage Trail takes its influence from the Boston Irish Heritage Trail and the Wild Atlantic Trail in Ireland, and it runs through nine beautiful towns starting in Weymouth...

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Best Places to Go on a Spring Day in Westport

Westport, Massachusetts is a quaint little town on the South Shore that doesn’t quite fit in with its neighbors. When visiting Westport, it doesn’t feel like you are less than 30 miles from Providence, RI but instead as though you have been transported to the Cape. With an adorable coastal vibe, it’s a very easy-going town with plenty of places...

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Abington St Patrick's Parade

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the South Shore this Spring!

For a place that gets most of its tourists in the summer, the South Shore of Massachusetts is absolutely booming during the Spring season! With St. Patty’s Day celebrations, bar crawls and community get-togethers, make sure to catch these events on the South Shore this Spring! Irish Heritage Trail Starting in Weymouth, and continuing through Hingham, Hull, Cohasset, Scituate, Marshfield...

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Mirbeau Inn & Spa

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Plymouth

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to start planning for the big day! Plymouth, MA has so much to offer for your wedding, from the stunning views to the venue options, and spectacular caterers. Whether you’re imagining a beachfront celebration, a quaint garden elopement or a big function hall party, here is all you need to know to plan your...

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Top 4 Waterfront Restaurants on The South Shore

Nestled along the coast of the Massachusetts South Shore, waterfront restaurants offer a blend of culinary delights and breathtaking views. Whether you’re dining on a seaside terrace or sitting indoors with panoramic windows, these top four waterfront restaurants provide an ambiance like no other. Fresh catches of the day, locally sourced ingredients, and diverse menus appeal to all palates. Enjoy...

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Outdoor Winter Activities in Plymouth County

There is nothing more beautiful than spending a Massachusetts winter by the coast in Plymouth County. Though the weather may be harsh at times, it’s nothing that a parka, some mittens and a hat can’t fix! For all outdoor adventure lovers, Plymouth County has a bounty of winter activities for you to enjoy, from walking trails to winter sports! Paved...

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New Bedford Whaling Museum

Top 3 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Bristol County

Bristol County is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts. With a fascinating past, visitors can learn about the area’s maritime heritage, textile industry boom, and the whaling era. Whether it’s colonial history, industrial revolutions, or maritime adventures, Bristol County has a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages to discover and appreciate the culture and history of the area....

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The Best Seafood Restaurants in Plymouth County

People travel all over the world to try famous New England seafood dishes. On your trip to Plymouth County, there are a few stops you must make to experience the best meals with the freshest local ingredients sourced straight from the ocean. These three restaurants are renowned for their delicious seafood spread, and you are guaranteed a five-star dining experience....

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Best Places to Spend Winter in Fall River

Don’t let the cold weather scare you away from exploring Fall River, Massachusetts. Throw on a jacket, some gloves, and a hat because it’s time to explore! Fall River isn’t a large city but there is still so much to see and do. Whether you’re looking for historical sites, family-friendly excursions, or some great places to grab food, Fall River...

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Mirbeau Bed & Breakfast package

Plan a Romantic Getaway for Valentine’s Day in Plymouth County

February 14th allows us all to slow down with our partner a bit, and amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, take one day to focus closely on each other. Why should there just be one day like that? Whether it’s the day before Valentine’s or you’re getting your planning down weeks in advance, you’ve come to the right...

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A Weekend Spa Getaway in Plymouth

Weekend spa getaways are essential for rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit, providing a much-needed escape from the daily grind. Plymouth, MA, stands out as an ideal destination for such escapes, thanks to its exceptional spa offerings and overall serene ambiance, especially during the shoulder seasons. The area boasts some of the finest spa experiences, where skilled therapists pamper guests...

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Plan a Kid’s Winter Birthday on the South Shore

Planning a birthday party for a child with a winter birthday can be quite challenging. The weather is often unpleasant or unpredictable, making outdoor activities like a park day or a pool party impractical.  Additionally, it can be tough to come up with indoor activities that require minimal cleanup and don’t break the bank. Fortunately, planning a memorable winter birthday...

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A Guide for Spending February Break in Plymouth

February Break is tough to plan. You’re just getting out of the holiday season, the weather isn’t the greatest, and now you have to entertain your kids 24/7 for the next week. It’s a lot, but it’s more than doable when you have planned activities!  In Plymouth, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all our visitors, and that...

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Plymouth Placeholder

3 Best Attractions in New Bedford During the Winter

As the chilly winter season sets over New Bedford, Massachusetts, all the crowds begin to trickle out of the South Shore. What most folks don’t know is that though summer might be the traditional tourist season, winter months in southern Massachusetts offer a special kind of magic in this historic coastal town.  Like something out of a Hallmark movie, New...

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Photo of entrance to Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA

Top 5 Family-Friendly Places in Bristol County

Family vacations are so much more than framed pictures on the wall. You are given the chance to enjoy quality time with loved ones, make memories, visit new places and create new traditions. One of your family’s new traditions can be visiting Bristol County every year! This beautiful area in southern Massachusetts has so much to offer, especially for families....

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Plymouth Placeholder

Winter in Westport – Travel Guide

Imagine watching the snowfall from your window at the Paquachuck Inn overlooking the bay, listening to seagulls caw and the waves crashing against the rocky shore. You have a beautiful day planned, and here is your itinerary. Coffee, Sandwiches and More Starting off the day with a hearty breakfast will keep you fueled and your energy up for any excursion...

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The 6 Best Wineries and Breweries on the South Shore

For all of you 21+ readers, it’s time to hit the bars on the South Shore. Though sports bars and small hometown taverns have their charm and good flavors, there’s no beating the southern coast of Massachusetts when it comes to delectable wine and creative craft beer. Whether you’re going solo, with family or friends, planning a tasting, or hosting...

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Hotel 1620 Plymouth Harbor

The 4 Best Hotels in Plymouth, MA

When staying in Plymouth, Massachusetts, an essential part of crafting an unforgettable coastal getaway is booking your ideal accommodations. This historic town offers a range of options, each catering to different preferences and needs.  For a touch of colonial charm, consider staying in one of the cozy bed-and-breakfasts nestled along a waterfront street. Alternatively, if you’re traveling with kids, consider...

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A piece of meat in a dish

Authentic Thanksgiving Recipes from Plymouth

We’re all familiar with the traditional Thanksgiving feast made up of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, veggies and enough pie to feed a village. What you might not be familiar with is where these traditions stemmed from, and who contributed to the creation of standard Thanksgiving recipes.   History of Thanksgiving Recipes The Natives and Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving...

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Holiday Shopping Guide for Plymouth, MA

Your loved ones deserve something special, something unique this holiday season, and on that note, so do you! Follow our holiday shopping guide to discover some of the most unexpected shops to buy gifts in Plymouth this season! Plimoth Patuxet When shopping for a history enthusiast who seeks unique gifts, Plimoth Patuxet Visitor Center Shops hold a treasure trove of...

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Residence Inn Marriott Boston Bridgewater

Spend this Off-Season in Bridgewater, MA

Bridgewater, MA is one of the oldest and most charming towns in Massachusetts. With plenty of historical architecture, a rich past, and surrounded by scenic beauty, it’s the perfect getaway. If you’re looking to skip the tourist crowds, the off-season is the ideal time to plan your trip. Take some time to relax in Bridgewater before the surge of summer...

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Top Places to Visit in Norwell During This Off-Season

Norwell, Massachusetts is a truly beautiful destination to visit. The town’s historical significance and proximity to the North River add to its year-round appeal. With plenty of opportunities for scenic walks and recreational activities, Norwell is the epitome of a classic New England town. If you’re planning a vacation for the quieter off-season, here are some seasonal activities to plan...

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Vacation to Mattapoisett During the Off-Season

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is the perfect place to escape to. If you’re looking for a relaxing stay in a beautiful coastal town, this is the ideal location for you. But such a place can be overwhelming during the summer. If you’re hoping for a more laid-back stay, slow down and plan for the off-season. Enjoy the waterfront views and visit a...

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Caver Fall forest

The Best Places To Visit in Carver This Fall

As the weather starts to get more crisp and it feels like fall is in full swing, there’s no better time for a weekend escape to Carver, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful town that’s perfect for immersing yourself in nature and enjoying exquisite food and drinks. Nestled in the heart of the South Shore, Carver offers the perfect blend of seasonal...

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a lady cooking a turkey

Spend Thanksgiving in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, Massachusetts, also known as America’s Hometown, is where the Pilgrims first stepped down from the Mayflower and where the famous First Thanksgiving took place. Today, the community continues to celebrate the city’s grand history and offers various celebrations during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a parade, a delicious traditional meal or want to view historic landmarks, Plymouth...

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Join America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade This November

Taking place the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the streets of Plymouth are lined with locals and visitors alike to watch the nationally recognized America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade. The beloved celebration honors Plymouth’s grand history and the contributions of the Pilgrims and Native American tribes that laid the foundation for the city and our country. The History of Thanksgiving in Plymouth Plymouth,...

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Must-See Places in Fall River in the Fall

Visiting Fall River, Massachusetts in the fall is an unparalleled experience of complete tranquility. With the crinkly leaves beneath your shoes, shorter days and frequent showers, it may feel like a gloomy season but the city gives it charm.  It’s the perfect weather to stroll around hitting various landmarks along the way. From historic sites to picturesque landscapes, read on...

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Visiting New Bedford in the Fall

If you’re looking for the perfect fall getaway, New Bedford, Massachusetts should be number one on your list. Whether you’re looking to stroll down the waterfront, explore historic landmarks, indulge in the New England culinary scene, or enjoy some outdoor time with your family, you will find what you’re looking for in New Bedford.  Buttonwood Park Zoo  Calling all animal...

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Thanksgiving at Plimoth Patuxet

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Plimoth Patuxet

Plimoth Patuxet stands as a living testament to American history. The renowned living museum transports visitors back in time to the early 17th century, recreating the world of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. With meticulous attention to detail, it offers an authentic and immersive experience that allows guests to step into the shoes of those who laid the foundations of...

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Plymouth in the Fall – Top 7 Attractions

Plymouth, Massachusetts in the fall is an absolute dream. The crisp waterfront breeze, the ocean views, and best of all, no summer crowds. Being able to actually see and experience the history and culture of Plymouth without hundreds of people around you at all times makes the experience so much more enjoyable. So keep on reading to find out the...

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Hingham Fall Forest

The Ultimate Guide for Fall in Hingham

You simply can’t beat the weather, views, or activities during fall in Hingham, Massachusetts. Enjoy the exquisite array of food, and the beautiful walking trails in Hingham this autumn. World’s End World’s End is a 400+ acre peninsula that has been preserved by locals for over 50 years offering visitors and the community a serene escape in nature. It is...

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Plan a Vacation in Westport in the Fall

Fall in Westport, Massachusetts is for friends, farms, brews, and delicious lobster rolls. Take a vacation to this beautiful coastal town and spend some time by the bay, try some of the best New England cuisine, and escape the rush of the city. Take note of the top four things you should do while visiting to ensure that you make...

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Fresh Cranberries from Plymouth

Cranberries hold a special place in the heart of Massachusetts. They are not only the state fruit, but also the state color, and the state juice – we love our cranberries here. Dating back hundreds of years, the Wampanoag and other indigenous tribes first utilized the berry, and for more than one purpose. They used them for food, flavor, medicine...

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Delight In International Cuisine on the South Shore

The South Shore has more to its culinary reputation than just seafood. Everyone loves a lobster roll, a pound of steamers, some fries and a beer, but what if you want to try something different? Here are just a few of the wonderful international styles of cuisine you’ll discover on the South Shore.  Kogi Bar and Grill Nestled right in...

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Plymouth Patuxet Museum

Top Historical Sites to Visit While in Plymouth

Plimoth Patuxet Museums Experience history in real time at the Plimoth Patuxet Museums. Home to a re-creation of a 17th-Century English Village, Plimoth Grist Mill and other major exhibitions, the Plymouth Patuxet Museums offer a wide array of activities and learning opportunities for visitors. Explore the Patuxet Homesite where Indigenous Americans lived for over 12,000 years. Did you know over...

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