Fresh Cranberries from Plymouth

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October 6, 2022

Cranberries hold a special place in the heart of Massachusetts. They are not only the state fruit, but also the state color, and the state juice – we love our cranberries here. Dating back hundreds of years, the Wampanoag and other indigenous tribes first utilized the berry, and for more than one purpose. They used them for food, flavor, medicine and dye. 

The fruit, native to Massachusetts, prospers here despite the harsh seasons, and southern Massachusetts in particular is a large producer and harvester of cranberries. You will often spot the red hue of cranberry bogs on your way down to Plymouth. When visiting, keep an eye out for seasonal menus and cranberry products at restaurants and other local stores as they are more than likely fresh, locally sourced berries.

Throughout the south shore, you can tour different active bogs and learn about the cranberry and its harvesting process. One of the most interactive bog experiences is at A.D. Makepeace Company so make sure to schedule a tour before they close for the season the first week of November!

If you can’t make it in time for peak harvest don’t worry, you can still enjoy the fresh fruit after the season. Instead of visiting a bog, visit the best places to taste the fresh flavor of local cranberries in Plymouth, and read on for a few cranberry based recipes to try at home! 

Plymouth Bay Winery – culinary experience, unpretentious, fun, playful

“Escape the Grape” say the founders of Plymouth Bay Winery! This unique spot strives to serve flavors like you’ve never tasted before. Utilizing locally sourced ingredients, they have the freedom to play around with seasonal tastes and present you with uniquely flavored products such as cranberry wine.

The sweet-tart cranberry wine is made from local berries and it’s a visitor favorite. Easily paired with a variety of meals, it makes for the perfect complement to a holiday feast. Did you know that Plymouth Bay Winery sells more than just wine? They also craft their own wine jellies, wine sauces, balsamic and olive oil, and chocolate – all utilizing flavors from locally sourced ingredients like cranberries!Fresh Cranberries from Plymouth Secret

Bluewater Farms

There isn’t anything better than the deliciously refreshing tartness of a fresh cranberry. It’s the kind of flavor and quality of product that you can only find at Bluewater Farms. Whether you’re looking to buy a bag of cranberries to use in your new favorite recipe, or you want a cranberry flavored product, Bluewater Farms has you covered. 

This farm has been owned and operated by multiple generations of the same family for years, and they strive to have not only the best cranberries, but to only sell the freshest and most organic products. They offer bags of fresh, dried, or frozen cranberries, four flavors of fresh cranberry blend juices, as well as cranberry sauce and chutney.

Find their products in stores like Shaws, Stop and Shop, Roche Bros., Central Market and more!

Plimoth General Store

For mouth watering cranberry treats, pay a visit to the Plimoth General Store. Nestled in the heart of Plymouth right on Main Street, this shop offers a delightful array of cranberry-inspired products. Among others, cranberry sauces, jams, dried cranberries, and chocolates can satisfy any sweet tooth. For those seeking something more along the line of pastries, the store offers an ever changing assortment of freshly baked goods from muffins to sandwiches, cookies and more!

Plimoth Candy Co.

If you have a true hankering for chocolate covered cranberries, Plimoth Candy Co. is the place to go. Being Plymouth’s oldest candy shop, there is a reputation of delicious flavors to uphold here, and frankly, they never disappoint. 

While you’re there, take a look around and reminisce about the variety of old-school candy that you don’t get a chance to see at the grocery store anymore. Enjoy some gummi raspberries, wax bottles, chocolate rocks and so much more in between those deliciously juicy cranberries. 

Cranberry Recipes to Try at Home

Once you taste the freshness of South Shore cranberries, you’ll never want to go back. Luckily for you, there are plenty of cranberry farms that you can buy fresh cranberries from to take home with you.

After you’ve secured your goods, it’s time to make some mouthwatering cranberry delicacies. Aside from cranberry muffins or pies, there is a booming variety of beloved cranberry based recipes from sauces to cakes and even hummus. Grab your cranberries and get your cooking game on!