Holiday Shopping Guide for Plymouth, MA


November 21, 2022

Your loved ones deserve something special, something unique this holiday season, and on that note, so do you! Follow our holiday shopping guide to discover some of the most unexpected shops to buy gifts in Plymouth this season!

Plimoth Patuxet

When shopping for a history enthusiast who seeks unique gifts, Plimoth Patuxet Visitor Center Shops hold a treasure trove of options. The Main Shop offers a diverse selection, including historical books, replicas of 17th-century artifacts, and locally crafted souvenirs. 

The Native Shop, a cultural gem within the museum, showcases authentic art, jewelry, and crafts made by the Wompanoag and other Native people. Celebrate the indigenous heritage of the region and present someone special with a meaningful and culturally rich gift.

The Children’s Shop caters to young history enthusiasts, with educational toys, books, and games that invite kids to indulge in the past, and to make learning about history an enjoyable experience.

Main Street – Plymouth

Strolling down main street in Plymouth is a truly memorable experience. Following some of the oldest roads in America leads you to Main Street which has so much offer for your shopping extravaganza. From shops, to restaurants, tea rooms, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday gifts.

Setting the Space 

You either have a friend or you are the friend that would love nothing more for the holidays than new house decor. Either way, whether you choose to shop for your friends or yourself there is something that suits everyone’s style at Setting the Space

From small decor to full furnishings, handcrafted pieces to unique collections, this store offers a holiday shopping experience like no other. Choose from custom wooden signs, painted cornhole boards and a variety of trinkets to put together the perfect gift basket for the holidays.

The Common Sense Store & Market

Holiday shopping for a loved one leading a healthy lifestyle is a breeze at Plymouth’s Common Sense Store and Market. The commitment to natural living is an important factor in selecting gifts for that special someone. 

Choose from organic produce, bread, and healthy food options, ideal for those who prioritize clean eating. Explore body care products crafted from natural ingredients for a luxurious yet eco-conscious touch. Additionally, consider handcrafted pottery pieces for a pop of color and art. Holiday Shopping Guide for Plymouth, MA Secret

Plimoth General Store

Holiday shopping at Plimoth General Store in Plymouth, MA, couldn’t be any easier. This charming shop exudes a modern country and coastal vibe, making it a delightful experience and the perfect place to find unique gifts. 

Explore locally crafted items like handbags or jewelry, and simple home decor items. Discover provisions like gourmet jams and specialty goods and opt to have your favorites made into a custom gift basket by the General Store staff. Browse other gift options such as kitchen accessories, toys, apparel and stationary until you find the perfect one for this holiday season!

Follow our holiday shopping guide for Plymouth, MA to have the best shopping experience while choosing a variety of gifts for your closest friends and family.