Must-See Places in Fall River in the Fall

Shoulder Season

October 27, 2022

Visiting Fall River, Massachusetts in the fall is an unparalleled experience of complete tranquility. With the crinkly leaves beneath your shoes, shorter days and frequent showers, it may feel like a gloomy season but the city gives it charm. 

It’s the perfect weather to stroll around hitting various landmarks along the way. From historic sites to picturesque landscapes, read on to create the perfect itinerary for visiting Fall River in the fall.Battleship Cove ship

All About Lizzie Borden

Fall River is infamous for being the place where the murders of Abby and Andrew Borden took place in 1892. The alleged murderer was Andrew’s daughter, Abby’s step-daughter, Lizzie Borden. She was arrested immediately following the discovery of their death and put in front of a grand jury for trial the following year. She was acquitted of the charges, but to this day, few people believe her side of the story.

Lizzie Borden House

The Lizzie Borden House is the original house in which the murders took place. It has been named as one of the most haunted houses in the nation and it is also a wildly popular tourist attraction. The house operates as both a bed and breakfast as well as a museum. 

The staff have taken the liberty of telling the story of the Borden’s with as much truth as has been uncovered while allowing the house to speak for itself. It’s open to the public daily from 10am-midnight and offers house tours, ghost tours and ghost hunts. A very entertaining way to learn about a very true unsolved American murder mystery.

Maplecroft Mansion

The Maplecroft Mansion is the beautiful Queen Ann style home that Lizzie Borden and her sister moved to after her acquittal. She had been shunned by the Fall River community and decided to live out the rest of her life in a 7 bedroom, 3.5 bath house with Emma. 

When visiting, be mindful that the house is a private residence and a few families have bought and sold it since Lizzie’s death. You are welcome to take pictures with and of it from outside, but please remember to be respectful to the families that have agreed to play a part in the Borden history.

Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery spans over 120 acres, and is the resting place of Fall River’s most notable citizens. The entire Borden family including Andrew, Abby, Emma, and Lizzie are buried in the same plot.

Should you choose to visit, please treat the grounds, the graves and those who have passed with respect. There are arrows on the ground leading to the Borden plot to point you in the right direction so be sure to follow them and not lose your way. When you arrive at the plot, Lizzie Borden’s will be the smallest one, simply labeled “Lizbeth.”

Fall River Heritage State Park

Fall River Heritage State Park stretches along the Taunton River and offers a place to go on a lovely walk with an even better view. As you stroll along the river, looking out you can see World War II battleships across the way at Battleship Cove. 

You can walk, run, or bike along the designated path and even stop for a picnic afterwards. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and locals often relax on the green watching the view. 

The Gates of the City

The Gates of the City are three 30/60 foot arches covered in volcanic stone that are a beautiful representation of the journey that immigrants had to take to make it to Fall River. Specifically, they are a replica of the 18th century “portas da cidade” of Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, and the Azores. 

A large portion of Fall River residents immigrated from the Azores, and so the gates were a gift from the Azorean city. They are a reminder of the hardships that they faced, challenges they overcame, and serve as a memory of their homeland.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see all of these Fall River gems and start planning your fall trip to Fall River.