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Park Plymouth Encourages Residents, Merchants and Employees with Parking Permits to Park in the Lower Level of the South Russell Street Parking Deck

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March 29, 2021

Contact: Customer Service Office at, 508-747-5929

Allowing Use of Lower Cost Limited Permits in the South Russell Street Garage should increase parking spaces available in the downtown corridor for customers who come to Plymouth to shop, dine, and do business.


Plymouth, MA (March 26, 2021) – In an effort to free up parking spaces on Court, Main, and Main Street Extension for customers, Park Plymouth has made the Lower Level of the South Russell Street parking deck available to anyone with a Limited Permit for parking. In other words, residents, merchants, and workers who regularly park in the downtown Historic and Cultural district may now use a Limited Permit to park in the Lower Level of the parking deck 7 days a week including the upper level of the deck on weekends and holidays. It will no longer be necessary to obtain the more expensive Premium Permit to park in the lower level of the deck.


“We encourage businesses to promote or purchase Limited Permits for their employees so it will be attractive for them to use the parking deck,” said Leighton Price, Chairman of the Board, Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation (PGDC). “The garage is conveniently located, safe, and well-lit, and will relocate longer term parking away from areas where customers shop, dine, and do business.”


The Limited Permits are more affordable option for workers as well as merchants who purchase parking permits for their employees. The Limited Permit fee structure for workers is as follows:

Resident Employees                           $60

Out of Town Employees                     $85

Residents over 65                               $40


“As tourism and hospitality businesses recover, hiring employees has become a challenge, so this enables merchants to provide a less expensive parking pass as an incentive to workers,” said Amy Naples, Executive Director of Plymouth Area Chamber, and head of the Plymouth Recovery Task Force. “Additionally, extending limited parking passes for the Lower Level of the parking deck will open up parking spaces to visitors and customers in the downtown Historic and Cultural district.”


The Lower Level of the deck will now be available to Limited Permit parkers seven days a week the Upper Level of the deck is already available to Limited Permit holders from noon on Friday, and on weekends and holidays.


“As our crowds begin to grow for the upcoming season, it is important that visitors be able to find parking along our main corridor so they can more easily shop and enjoy our dining and attractions,” said Lea Filson, President/CEO, See Plymouth. “I thank the PGDC for making its Limited Permit available seven days a week in the Lower Level of the parking deck and for suggesting that residents, merchants, and workers park there.”


Anyone who may have already purchased a Premium Permit may exchange it for a Limited Permit through April 30, 2021 and be refunded the difference in the cost of the permit. A publicity campaign will be launched by Park Plymouth, See Plymouth, and the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce to encourage workers and business owners as well as anyone else who parks in downtown Plymouth and waterfront for extended periods of time to purchase a Limited Permit and park in the Lower Level of the South Russell Street parking deck.




About PGDC and Park Plymouth

Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation (PGDC) was created in 2002 as a quasi-public nonprofit corporation for the Town of Plymouth by Chapter 182 of the Acts of 2002. The PGDCthrough Park Plymouth develops, manages, and operates on-street, off-street and structured parking facilities in the downtown/waterfront and North Plymouth areas so important to the vibrancy of the retail districts and to the attractiveness of Plymouth as a tourist destination. The activities of Park Plymouth are guided by a Parking Management Plan developed for and endorsed by the PGDC Board and Plymouth Select Board. No funding for the PGDC or Park Plymouth comes from property taxes collected by the Town of Plymouth.


About the Plymouth Recovery Task Force

Founded in May of 2020, the Plymouth Recovery Task Force was created by the Greater Plymouth Chamber of Commerce to assist with economic recovery from COVID-19. Made up of business professionals, economic agencies and town workers, the group works to mitigate and eliminate the impacts of the problems caused by the pandemic.


About See Plymouth

See Plymouth is a non-profit tourism organization, with headquarters at 4 North Street in Plymouth, MA. It is dedicated to the growth of the hospitality and tourism industry in the town and county of Plymouth, MA. Its mission is to fully market Plymouth and Plymouth County as a vacation and meetings destination, and to provide and ensure optimal visitor services, contributing significantly to the region’s economy and quality of life. It is one of 16 Regional Tourism Councils (RTC) in the Commonwealth. See Plymouth operates the Massachusetts Visitor Center located at Route 3, Exit 13 in Plymouth and the See Plymouth Waterfront Visitor Center in the Town of Plymouth. Website and Social Media:;; search SeePlymouthMA.


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