Plan a Vacation in Westport in the Fall

Things To Do in Fall

October 11, 2022

Fall in Westport, Massachusetts is for friends, farms, brews, and delicious lobster rolls. Take a vacation to this beautiful coastal town and spend some time by the bay, try some of the best New England cuisine, and escape the rush of the city. Take note of the top four things you should do while visiting to ensure that you make the most of your time in this beautiful town.

Buzzards Bay Brewing

What better way to start off your vacation than with a cold one! Buzzards Bay Brewing is a locally-owned business focused on using only locally sourced ingredients; local malt and local hops equal local flavor. The family is committed to the surrounding communities and takes pride in the brews they love.

You can try any of the over 50 different flavors and types of brews! Enjoy sampling a few different flavors on tap or opt for the brew flight or two if you want to try as many as possible! If you’re up for any additional drinks, Buzzards Bay Brewing shares their farmland with Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery so feel free to take a short walk and sample some of their drinks!

Westport Town Farm

Are you looking for the perfect place to take a short, easy stroll? Westport Town Farm is a beautiful coastal landscape with a rather dark history. What is now protected land used to be the home of the community outcasts. The poor and the ill used to be exiled to the farm previously known as “poor farm.”

On the farm still stand structures from the Colonial era such as an antique farmhouse, dairy barn, and the grounds are surrounded by stone walls. Explore this historic landscape while walking the one-mile trail that cuts through the grounds. Keep your eyes peeled for ospreys, gulls and the occasional bald eagle as you take in the tranquility of the space. 

The Bayside Restaurant

The Bayside Restaurant, previously a pizza and ice cream “beach shack,” was established in 1974 by Bob and Nance Carroll. Together they had always wanted to open a restaurant that offered great food and an inviting atmosphere, and that’s exactly what it’s become. A place beloved by locals and visitors alike that makes you feel as home. 

In the early days, they served traditional diner food which eventually evolved into a menu introducing Portuguese and Mediterranean flavors. Now, they serve dishes that have been recognized as some of the best in the country

From lobster rolls to burgers, chicken and waffles, dessert and so much more, The Bayside Restaurant has rightfully earned their stellar reputation. So come on in, sit down, chat with staff or other patrons and enjoy your delicious meal in a relaxing setting enjoying the view of Buzzards Bay, the Elizabeth Islands, and Allens Pond Sanctuary.

Enjoy a peaceful vacation in Westport, Massachusetts in the fall. A town perfect for visitors of all ages to enjoy, it’s the ideal destination whether you’re going solo or with family.