Plan an Adventurous Night Out in Plymouth

Night Out

December 20, 2023

So you’re planning to meet up with friends in Plymouth for a fun outing. But why settle for just dinner and drinks? You should plan a more adventurous night out in Plymouth that’ll make this meetup memorable for years to come!

LongHouse Axe Throwing

For safe but adventurous group fun, you’ll want to head over to LongHouse Axe Throwing. Whether this get-together is for your old college pals or your Dungeons & Dragons group, you’ll get to unleash your inner Viking. Don’t worry about supplying your own axe – LongHouse supplies those and the training needed to throw them.

Fun for everyone ages 15 and up, LongHouse can accommodate groups of up to 40 people for axe throwing. For those aged 21 and over, they offer great local and craft beers. Just don’t try to throw an axe while drinking – you might spill your drink!

Longhouse Axe Throwing

Dead of Night Ghost Tours

Craving a chilling and thrilling paranormal adventure? Dead of Night Ghost Tours is a leisurely, two-hour stroll through Plymouth’s historic haunted district. You’ll discover the fascinating and frightening history of the town as you walk through Burial Hill Cemetery, which is one of the oldest burying sites in America.

Bring your cameras and capture spirits on film. You and your friends can make it a competition to see who can spot a ghost first. Even if you don’t believe in spirits, you can still learn about the burial customs and traditions of the area throughout history, Plymouth’s first fort, and see private tombstones.

The Dead of Night Ghost Tours was even awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor and has even been featured on the Travel Channel. It’s an incredible experience that will surely liven up your group outing. 

Uva Wine Bar

Being adventurous doesn’t always have to mean running around and getting into trouble. It can mean stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Uva Wine Bar lets your palate get adventurous on a night out by offering 48 different varieties of wine via self-pour dispensers. Featuring the South Shore’s first and only self-serve wine bar, you can try a sip, a taste, or a full glass of different wines, each proportionately priced.

To go with the wine, you can keep your taste buds on their toes with customizable cheese boards. You can try out cheeses, charcuterie, and other wine-friendly foods. It’s a classy way to have an adventurous night out.

Self-serve wine bar at Uva Wine

Looking to plan a private get-together for a big group and aren’t too hung up on a “night” out? The Uva Wine Bar can be booked for private events on Saturdays and Sundays year-round from 11am-2pm. The entire bar will be closed for your group of 25 to 60 people.

An adventurous night out is easy to plan while visiting Plymouth. From wine tastings to axe-throwing to paranormal encounters, your evening with your friends will be nothing short of memorable.