Revisiting The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Plymouth

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September 30, 2020

Image by zhaofugang1234 from Pixabay 

You know a place is beautiful when it’s voted as one of the best places to spend your Thanksgiving! Plymouth has that vacation-like feel, and if you’re a golfer or a nature-lover, you’ll love its stunning golf courses both for the play and the scenery. 

We’re revisiting some of the most beautiful golf courses in the area. If you’re going to be in the area, why not visit one or two of them, play a round, marvel at the views, and have a great meal afterward? 

#1 – Waverly Oaks Golf Club 

Not only is this a stunning course, but Waverley Oaks has received some great accolades from various high-profile golfing names, like Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and New England Journal of Golf. 

The golf club is relatively young, opening in 1998. Designed to harmonize with the existing natural terrain, the fairways are ample, bunkers are sprinkled around the course, and the greens are perfectly manicured. 

A quick flick through the course photos on their website shows stunning expansive views. If you can make a visit in the fall, you’re in for a treat. A breathtaking cascade of reds, oranges, and yellows backed by pristine green is a feast for the eyes as well as a golfing paradise. 

Interesting Fact: The golf carts have interactive electric screens that provide info on each hole. 

#2 – Southers Marsh Golf Club 

For more than a decade, Southers Marsh Golf Club has received the distinction of being the best value public golf course in Massachusetts from the New England Golf Guide. 

Laid out around active, colorful 100-year cranberry bogs, this course is uniquely designed and has some stunning natural views. 

Despite space being somewhat limited due to the bogs, the course manages to pack a superb variety of holes in, with some requiring a shot over a bog or two. 

Standout Feature: A COVID-inspired 24,000 square-foot, open-air building, named the Barn, that includes 10 driving bays, Toptracer technology, and virtual golf experience. 

#3 – Pinehills Golf Club – Rees Jones Course 

Pinehills Golf Club is the full package, and there’s beauty to be found in abundance at this club. As their website states, “nature is a beautiful part of everyday life”, and that’s apparent just walking around the Rees Jones course. 

The pines flank every fairway and surround every hole, but the fairways are generous. The small details including bunkers and the occasional bit of water make the course enjoyable for all, and the natural forest scenery creates a tranquil atmosphere that’s just perfect for a day out on the course. 

Standout Feature: The forest of tall, natural pines that surround every hole. 

#4 – CrossWinds Golf Club 

CrossWinds features 27 holes – the 9-hole Jones course, 9-hole Ouimet course, and 9-hole Zaharias course – and you’ll be randomly assigned two courses when you sign up for an 18-hole round. 

It’s another course that uses the natural topography of the land to provide a superb playing experience, as well as spectacular views and a feeling of being off the beaten track. 

The vast changes in elevation across the courses offer some exciting gameplay, and keep the visuals interesting too. 

Unique Offering: Golf lessons by PGA professionals. 

#5 – Rochester Golf Club 

Smooth fairways meander through the wild woods at this lovely golf course. It’s unusually short but needs plenty of strategies to play it right. 

Don’t rush through it – you’ll not only miss out on a great game, but you’ll miss the opportunity to take in the calm serenity that the beautiful woods provide. 

It’s a great walking course, and you’ll have had your fill of tricky golf, fresh air, and amazing views. 

Standout Feature: Quirky layout that will challenge beginners and advanced players. 

#6 – Rockland Golf Course 

The Rockland Course is as interesting as it is pretty. It features two 18-hole courses – one with 18 par-3s, and one with 12 par-3s and 6 par-4s. 

The choppy nature of this course makes it a consistently exciting play. Lush greens closely hugged by stately trees make the short holes feel intimate but not claustrophobic. 

It’s a lovely course to walk, and you’ll feel like you’re taking a stroll through a nature reserve or natural wooded area. 

Interesting Fact: The longest 18-hole par-three east of the Mississippi. 

#7 – Widow’s Walk Golf Course 

Although this course’s name suggests that the walk may be an unpleasant one, the scenery is well worth the walk. They’re a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary course, which indicates their commitment to protecting the environment. 

Being a part of this program has led them to implement avian nesting box programs, habitat programs for a variety of wildlife, and environmental initiatives involving lower water and pesticide use. 

Walking this course, you’ll see a stunning variety of birds and plant life. Golfers who are nature or bird-lovers would have a memorable round at this course. 

Interesting Fact: USA’s first “environmental demonstration course”. 

#8 – The Bay Pointe Club 

This exquisite club is elegant, in their facilities as well as their course. It’s a well-known wedding venue, which speaks to the gorgeous nature of the surroundings. 

Even if you’re not planning a wedding, a round of gold here will satisfy the soul. Impossibly green and sprinkled with bursts of colorful flowers, it’s a lush and picturesque walk. 

Be prepared for some interesting golfing, though. The island green on hole 7 is a particular bit of fun. For something a little more relaxed, hit the driving range or putting green for some low-key play surrounded by the same beauty. 

Standout Feature: The island green on the 7th hole. 

#9 – Poquoy Brook Golf Club 

The large, shady foliage surrounding the clubhouse and entrance areas hint at what’s to come on the course. 

Poquoy’s owners have put a lot of effort into rejuvenating this course, and the result is a pleasant, tree-filled walking course that lifts the soul with its mix of smooth fairways, occasional bodies of water, and expansive views. 

Standout Feature: Poquoy has been the host of the Massachusetts Open Championship on a number of occasions. 



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