Stay Healthy In Plymouth


March 20, 2024

It’s important to stay healthy, even while traveling. It’s easy to indulge in fast food and forget to exercise while on vacation, but that often results in returning home feeling worn out and weighed down. While you should certainly take the opportunity to treat yourself, here are some ways that you can stay healthy while visiting Plymouth.

Get Active

CrossFit 1620

If you love being active, there’s nothing better than CrossFit. While traveling, you shouldn’t miss out on your routine. That’s why you should give CrossFit 1620 a heads-up and drop in for a session or two. They love getting new visitors, as it brings new energy, and you’ll get to train with a great coach.

Elevated Adventures Yoga

For people who prefer a more zen form of exercise, Elevated Adventures Yoga is what you’re looking for. Born of a passion for yoga, nature, and people, the instructors bring together like-minded people for all manner of yoga classes to suit your pace. There’s power yoga, slow flow, and even aerial yoga for the adventurous. You’ll find a class that suits your style and be able to take the lessons with you wherever you go.

Eat Healthy

Local Roots

It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet while visiting Plymouth since there are so many incredible restaurants to be found. Well, you can feel less guilty by heading over to Local Roots for breakfast or lunch. Get healthy but tasty toppings on whole grain toast, loaded salads, classic breakfast sandwiches, and more. It’s where the locals eat and drink and they serve a variety of delicious and nourishing food that’ll satisfy your body and won’t weigh on your conscience.

Vela Juice Bar

When you’re on the go, especially while on vacation, you might be tempted to skip meals so you don’t come home with a few extra pounds as a souvenir. But that’s actually not very healthy. Instead, pop into Vela Juice Bar. Here you can get fresh juice and smoothies made with 100% whole fruits and vegetables, as well as acai bowls, wraps, and salads. It’s good, healthy eating you can enjoy on the go.

Vela Juice Bar

Self Care

Your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical health. This is why you should book an appointment at Aristocracy Salon & Day Spa. This full-service salon and spa gives you an assortment of options that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You can book an appointment for a massage to help your tense muscles relax. If you’re looking for healthy skin, their facials and skin care services can help it become beautiful and revitalized. Allow yourself to be pampered and relax under the experienced hands of professionals.

It might seem like a difficult task to stay healthy while in Plymouth, but really, it’s quite simple. Eat healthy, stay active, and give yourself the chance to rest and relax while you’re in town. You’ll find yourself coming back from your vacation feeling refreshed and energized and ready to go again.