The Best Seafood Restaurants in Plymouth County


January 24, 2023

People travel all over the world to try famous New England seafood dishes. On your trip to Plymouth County, there are a few stops you must make to experience the best meals with the freshest local ingredients sourced straight from the ocean. These three restaurants are renowned for their delicious seafood spread, and you are guaranteed a five-star dining experience.

Wood’s Seafood

Wood’s Seafood is a beloved family-owned establishment located in Plymouth, MA. From their hospitality to food quality and those stunning restaurant views, they really are a top notch spot. Doubling as a restaurant and fish market, you are guaranteed to be served only the freshest ingredients.

Their diverse menu features all sorts of local fish including cod, haddock, swordfish and salmon. Some favorite catches also include scallops, shrimp, clams, oysters and of course native live lobsters. Guests can enjoy Wood’s signature lobster dinner, buttery lobster rolls, a variety of fried plates and sandwiches, and even try a giant clam or lobster bake!

In addition to the delicious food and breathtaking views of the harbor, Wood’s offers a truly unique dining experience. Guests will often see fishermen sailing in and out for their daily catch, you can witness the fresh meat get transported to the on-site fish market, and get a taste of authentic New England cuisine.

Additionally, should you fall in love with Wood’s like everyone does, they now offer nationwide shipping of fresh lobsters, clambakes and more!

Lobster Hut

For over 50 years, the Lobster Hut has been a Plymouth, MA staple. What started out as a small “fresh-off-the-boat” seafood stand is now an award winning restaurant. At the start of the Lobster Hut journey, people were served whatever ingredients had been caught that day. Visitors and locals alike fell in love with that sort of dining, the freshness, the taste and the simplicity of their experience that popularity for the Lobster Hut only grew. 

In the last few years, the Hut has become more of a community gathering spot than a restaurant, and guests are invited to hang out and chat with staff and other patrons while visiting. Try a fried, baked or broiled plate, a famous buttery lobster roll, or really anything else off their delicious menu.

This is also a great place to eat if you’re traveling with kids or picky eaters. There are plenty of non-seafood options on the menu as well as simple fish dishes like fish and chips for those who don’t enjoy crustaceans or more elaborate seafood meals. 


For a more upscale sit-down dining experience with an entertaining twist, visit the CabbyShack in Plymouth, MA. 

With an exceptional menu featuring primarily seafood, you will find the best of classic New England cuisine. From chowdah bowls to raw platters, giant lobster rolls and all the fried seafood you can imagine, the CabbyShack is unparalleled. Not only are the dishes offered absolutely delicious, but the plating and presentation is beautiful giving you a Michelin Star Restaurant experience. 

The entertainment is also very impressive. Every night something different is going on; either live music, sports watch parties, trivia, or other games! With two stories of space, there’s plenty of room for dancing, other activities, and taking pictures with Plymouth Harbor as the beautiful backdrop.

Don’t miss out on these spectacular dining experiences while in Plymouth County! There’s no such thing as eating too many lobster rolls when in New England, so take advantage of the opportunity!