Top 3 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Bristol County


February 2, 2023

Bristol County is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts. With a fascinating past, visitors can learn about the area’s maritime heritage, textile industry boom, and the whaling era. Whether it’s colonial history, industrial revolutions, or maritime adventures, Bristol County has a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages to discover and appreciate the culture and history of the area.

1.) Battleship Cove

Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA is a highly educational destination that offers an insider view into military history, naval heritage, and pays tribute to the veterans who fought in World War II and the Korean War. 

Visitors can observe the USS Massachusetts and other warships, as well as explore exhibits on naval aviation and the experiences of veterans. You will have the opportunity to tour the ships, view historical artifacts like authentic military weapons and belongings of late soldiers. 

The mission of the museum is to educate diverse audiences, from seniors to children. To plant the seed of interest for history in young generations, so the appreciation for American soldiers and fascination with unique historical eras never dies.

As an extension of the main museum, the Maritime Museum is also worth a visit if you are interested in nautical history, or maritime travel and culture.model of battleship

2.) Whaling Museum 

At the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA visitors can explore exhibits showcasing the tools and equipment used in whaling, and gain insights into the harsh life of whalers. 

The museum also aims to educate visitors about the economic impact that whaling had on the region, and the formation of the US Navy. Did you know the Navy was originally formed by contacting New Bedford whalers since they were savvy on the open ocean? 

You will also learn how the large immigrant population in the New Bedford area played a significant role in the creation of the industry in the first place. The museum tells the story of Cape Verdean, Azorean, and Portuguese immigrants, and how those communities are the ones that ended up shaping the New Bedford whaling industry. 

Guests can engage in interactive displays, educational tours, and presentations that make history come alive. Some of the biggest highlights of the museum are the model ships and scrimshaw art, which offer a tangible glimpse into the era. The Whaling Museum is home to the largest ship model in existence, the Lagoda, that visitors can actually walk through and touch. whaling museum boat

3.) Lizzie Borden House

Are you a murder mystery or true crime fanatic? If so, visiting the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, MA should definitely be on your itinerary. This historical mansion that was once home to the infamous alleged killer Lizzie Borden, is now one of Fall River’s biggest historical attractions.

Inside the house, you will have the opportunity to participate in a house tour and a midnight ghost hunt, and you can also choose to go on an outdoor ghost tour. Though you can tour the interior, the Lizzie Borden House isn’t your average museum – you can choose to stay the night if you wish.

This murder mansion turned museum and bed and breakfast is definitely not for the faint of heart. Listen to staff retell the true events of that warm August night, and make your own inferences about what really happened as you walk the same paths the Borden’s did well over 100 years ago.

For more thrilling Lizzie Borden sites visit Oak Grove Cemetery and Maplecroft Mansion.

There are plenty of must-see historical attractions in Bristol County. Whether you’re looking to learn about local history, participate in true crime tours or want an immersive experience into the region’s past, Bristol County is full of exciting historical adventures.