Top 4 Waterfront Restaurants on The South Shore


February 9, 2023

Nestled along the coast of the Massachusetts South Shore, waterfront restaurants offer a blend of culinary delights and breathtaking views. Whether you’re dining on a seaside terrace or sitting indoors with panoramic windows, these top four waterfront restaurants provide an ambiance like no other.

Fresh catches of the day, locally sourced ingredients, and diverse menus appeal to all palates. Enjoy seafood fresh off the boat, classic New England dishes or indulge in the culture of local communities with authentic international cuisine. 

Mill Wharf – Scituate

The Mill Wharf restaurant in Scituate, MA offers a truly spectacular dining experience as the location of the restaurant is actually the site of the original mill in Scituate. The spot has stunning panoramic views of the ocean and a beautiful landscape of boats and the sunset in the evening. 

Aside from the ideal location, the menu at Mill Wharf is definitely the thing to rave about. Offering both lunch and dinner, you have a highly diverse selection of dishes to choose from. From South Shore classics like stuffed quahogs to elevated comfort cuisine like Hoisin Barbecued Beef Tips, everyone is sure to find their new favorite dish.Mill Wharf Restaurant

Lobster Hut

It wouldn’t be a successful trip to Plymouth without a mouthwatering lobster roll. One of the top attractions has to be Lobster Hut. With a motto that states “Fresh from the Sea and to Your Plate” it’s impossible to miss out on the deliciousness. 

Bite into a buttery roll and mayo smothered lobster, or enjoy a fresh fish, quahogs, clams, shrimp, or scallops. If you’re craving seafood, Lobster Hut will hit the spot.

Enjoy the gems of Plymouth this fall. Whether you’re a history junkie with a particular interest in local and national history, or you’re someone who prefers to be entertained, Plymouth has it all!

Mamma Mia’s Plymouth Waterfront

Are you craving some authentic Italian food? Mamma Mia’s at Plymouth Waterfront in Plymouth, MA has just what you need. This family-owned restaurant has been in the family for generations, and all their hard work and homemade recipes continue to be passed down with the restaurant.

They are committed to using fresh ingredients that the Viscariella family grew up on in Airola, Italy. Enjoy Chicken Saltimbocca, Lasagna, Veal Parmigiana and so many more authentic Italian dishes that’ll make you feel as though you were transported to Italy. While salivating over your meal, look out to gaze at the harbor and the hustle and bustle of downtown Plymouth.

Pier 52 

Pier 52 is located in Fall River, MA and offers one of the most modern and luxurious waterfront restaurant experiences on the South Shore. With ocean views from every corner of the establishment and an unparalleled menu, there’s no going wrong with a dinner night at Pier 52.

From the raw bar to the drinks and the main course, every aspect of the dining scene here will exceed your expectations. The menu is a blend of traditional New England dishes and elevated American classics. Enjoy some crab nachos, sushi, seafood chowder, steak tips or fish and chips, and don’t forget to wash it all down with their delicious craft cocktails.