Vacation to Mattapoisett During the Off-Season


November 10, 2022

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts is the perfect place to escape to. If you’re looking for a relaxing stay in a beautiful coastal town, this is the ideal location for you. But such a place can be overwhelming during the summer. If you’re hoping for a more laid-back stay, slow down and plan for the off-season. Enjoy the waterfront views and visit a few beloved sites during your much needed vacation, whether it’s in fall, winter, or spring. 

Fall Nature Trails

Shaw Farm Trail

Shaw Farm Trail is one of the most conveniently located and accommodating nature trails that lets you soak up the scenery and explore the backtrails of not only Mattapoisett but also Fairhaven. Whether you’re looking to embark on a longer hiking expedition through the woods, or a short family stroll, Shaw Farm is the ideal destination for those who love to explore nature. 

The trail is located on the popular Phoenix Bike Trail/Mattapoisett Rail Trail which makes it the perfect spot to take a scenic walk, jog, or go on a bike or roller skating ride. You can choose to detour off the main path into the forest trails or stroll all the way to the shore at Nasketucket Bay.

Much of Shaw Farm Trail passes through private property so please stay on the trail and respect the residential grounds. Bask in the beauty of coastal forests, farmland and a variety of wildlife. Be aware that hunting is allowed around Shaw Farm Trail, so make sure to stay safe and unmistakably visible during hunting season.

Picturesque Winter Views

Ned’s Point Lighthouse

Since its inaugural lighting in 1838, Ned’s Point Lighthouse has served as a guiding light for sailors in Buzzards Bay. Today, it still serves the same purpose but has also gained global interest; from tourists and locals to artists and photographers, Ned’s Point Lighthouse has become a fascinating attraction.

It is located at the entrance of Mattapoisett Harbor and looks over Buzzards Bay. If you’re lucky, and visiting on a day with clear winter skies, the exit of the Cape Cod Canal is visible from the lighthouse. 

Explore the grounds of Ned’s Point and get an idea of how seafarers used to navigate the waters coming into the harbor; a very humbling and thought-provoking experience. You’ll find yourself walking among groups of other individuals and families, all in awe of this captivating structure. 

Though the lighthouse greets travelers all throughout the year, visiting in the winter will allow you to skip the big summer crowds and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing and plenty of pictures without bystanders!Vacation to Mattapoisett During the Off-Season Secret

Mattapoisett Spring Attractions

Shipyard Park

Shipyard Park is a beautiful common space directly overlooking Mattapoisett Harbor. Many locals frequent the park to have picnics, read a book, look out at the ocean, or sit in the gazebo. The gazebo is at the center of the park and is a highly sought after site.

There are often wedding ceremonies, photo shoots and other small events happening in and around the park and at the gazebo because of the captivating views from the area. The sunsets over the water and the coastal town vibe of the shops is a truly unparalleled view.

Take a few hours out of your vacation to visit Shipyard Park. Whether you want to clear your mind and just sit by the ocean or stroll around the grass areas with a furry friend, the peacefulness that radiates from this place is definitely worth experiencing.

If you get hungry but don’t want to leave the view, enjoy a delicious dinner at The Inn on Shipyard Park!

Salty The Seahorse

The story of Salty the Seahorse dates back to the 1950’s and a local Mattapoisett family, the Dunseiths, who owned a gift shop off the highway. The owner had a brilliant idea for attracting more customers and decided to construct a 38 foot seahorse to place outside his business.

It quickly became a known landmark for travelers to Cape Cod and beloved by locals. Years later the town was gifted the seahorse after the Dunseiths moved on from their business. The Mattapoisett community was very concerned about what would happen with the seahorse, and in 2000, it was officially restored. Today, Salty stands in a small park, complete with a playground and botanical grounds maintained by the town.

You might be wondering how Salty got his name. After the community rallied for a return of the seahorse, they also held a town-wide essay contest to name the structure. Two elementary school students won, and Salty got his official name. 

Stop by and take a picture with Salty, an honorary member of the Mattapoisett community.