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Brockton, MA

Incorporated as a city in 1881, Brockton is the only city in Plymouth County. Brockton’s industrial development was extraordinary during the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. The shoe industry burgeoned the city, and by 1929, Brockton housed 60 full-time shoe factories. For over 100 years, the city retained the title, “Shoe Capital of America.”

Today, the 21.48 square-mile city offers a variety of cultural activities including the Fuller Craft Museum, the Brockton Symphony Orchestra and the Brockton Historical Society. The city provides numerous recreational facilities including picnic areas, public swimming pools, a skating rink, and 148 acres of playgrounds. Visitors enjoy meandering by foot or bicycle through D.W. Field Park.

Did you know?

Brockton is often called the “City of Champions”, due to its status as the native city of both former undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano and former middleweight boxing champion Marvin Hagler.