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  • Founded 1734
  • Population 7,890

Halifax, MA

Incorporated in 1734, Halifax was originally known by the Native American name Monponsett, which means “near the deep pond.” It is situated on 16.6 square miles, about 40 minutes south of Boston. Now largely residential, agriculture and lumber were once the basis of the town’s economy. Today 7,500 people call this pastoral community their home. The town is located in the center of Plymouth County and is accessible by Routes 106 and 58.

Did you know?

The town was part of an early effort to create a canal between Buzzards Bay and Massachusetts Bay, when in 1795 a canal was proposed between the Taunton River and North River. However, the plan never succeeded, although the town’s sawmills continued to grow, as did cranberry production, iron furnaces and a wool mill.