Plymouth Bay Winery - Rear Building, 114 Water Street, Rear, Plymouth, MA. 02360


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Plymouth Bay Winery

Located in America’s Hometown, Plymouth, MA, we craft wines and wine-related products, from fruits indigenous to the Northeast.

Our family winery, overlooking historic Plymouth Bay, produces cranberry and other delightful fruit wines. Nestled in the hillside, visitors and natives alike can discover and visit many shops and attractions to complement their winery experience. Our wines are fun, versatile companions to a wide range of dishes at every meal. Join us for a tasting, enjoy a glass of wine. Experience our quality and unique wines, wine jellies and sauces. Take a pilgrimage with us to a new world of flavor.

We invite you to taste our collection of wines, produced from locally grown, native grapes and berries. It’s all made in our winery in Plymouth, MA.

Tastings are offered Mon-Sat 12-4:45PM, Sun 12-4:30PM
Store hours Mon-Fri 12-6PM, Sat 12-7PM, Sun 12-5PM


Rear Building, 114 Water Street, Rear, Plymouth, MA. 02360